Tuesday 04 December 2012 – Do not be afraid, you are not alone…

Please know in advance that this is one possible vantage point of many and may represent a majority view in certain circumstances. The dialogue below is to assist in stirring a though process that may assist in viewing the world and our own choices with more consideration.

There comes a time in our lives when we must make some confronting choices that centre around our connection to ourselves and our connection to our surroundings, which includes our loved ones. Life is extremely diverse, accompanying this reality are also multiple interpretations of reality or ones experiences. For the sake of personal development and growth life may be experienced with a fearlessness which encompasses  willingness to move forward in to the unknown… It is here that one may experience abundant possibility in what life can offer and what one may offer life. When we focus on the diversity of life we are essentially focusing on enriching our experience of life and enriching our relationships and our connection to self.

Society often categorises life in to segments of being. What this means is that over time, our compounded social ideals and values have shaped what is acceptable and what is essentially considered “against the grain” of our social norms. With a focus on the Western social construct we may find that much of Western society places an emphasis on conformity and on uniformity. A possible interpretation of this may present itself as follows:

Society enjoys categorical compliance, it serves for easy transitions from life space to life space, it also allows authorities to better ‘control’ the mass populations. In Western society life revolves greatly around employment and one also strongly identifies with their occupation and line of ‘work’. Being identified with one clear line of work is comforting, it is safe and it is predictable not only for the individual but for all of society. Clearly this is a generalisation and only an interpretation of what the majority of society may value as ‘a good life’. Laying out one’s life path and knowing where one is heading in a methodical manner can assist in perhaps living a life that has less psychological stress attached to it. BUT is this a life truly well lived? Is this a life truly explored? If diversity is one the keys and essences of life on Earth, would it not be beautiful to diversify our experiences? 

We live in a society that does not value the full essence, potential or the gift of experience. We value not enough the simple doing of an action or engaging in that action. When we do, no matter what the outcome we have the potential to gain so much, we have the potential to enrich our lives and enrich our clarity of thought. We can gain so much by simply standing on the cliff’s edge and plunging in to the unknown, without question, without fear, without regret and without judgement. It is ok to make a so called mistake, it is ok to be wrong, it is ok to evaluate and reevaluate our circumstances, gain experiential knowledge and move forward to other ways of living and being. This is not wrong, nor is it ‘bad’, it simply is and it is necessary in understanding ourselves as human persons.

Unfortunately our Western frameworks do not value making ‘mistakes’. They value being right. Going in to the complex and entangled history of how this feeds in to our current set of accepted mainstream social norms is a discussion for another time, but what is essential to grasp here is the importance of grasping diversity and to not feel bolted down to one life’s path… It is not fair that as a collective we criticise or judge others for choosing to live in fearlessness. We may learn to live in bliss if we only followed our deep and suppressed yearning to know and explore.

I urge us all to be fearless in exploring various modalities of life, of living, of being, of feeling and of this wonderful Earth and its expansive cultures. See beyond the constraints of cultural patterns that have been engrained in our social behaviours and practices for years and years. Question your life, your place and your beliefs. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with who we are now. It is not about wrong and right, or the that the life we all choose to live is wrong, or boring, or dull. It is about expanding our awareness as a collective and as a collective embracing diversity, embracing difference and recognising that judging or creating distinct social norms that create segregation and separation (either consciously or unconsciously) is not the path towards collective social evolution.

Together we can achieve anything. Creating ‘in groups and out groups’ only creates division, which breeds hate, dislike and superiority complexes. We need to move away from this outdated and archaic mentality and move towards embracing all of which is life. It begins with acceptance and it begins with softness of thought… SS.

The connected world - The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

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