Friday 30 November 2012 – The power of transformation

This short clip is an example of the change we all have the potential to make. It is time to ‘think outside the box’ and begin our journey as a humanity towards an inclusive and more consciously expansive group of people. Conceptually we have the power to produce change. Practically, this must be done by re-prioritising our current set of collective, global value systems and actively replacing them with different mechanisms of operation and cultural activity. For example, we must avoid waiting patiently for a disaster to occur (EG: Fukushima) to realise that cost-benefit of nuclear energy is not viable for us as a humanity. We know this, there should not be a subjective, opinionated debate on matters such as these.

There are realities that exist that transcend greed, monetary gain, profiteering and power, and those realities are the valuable lives of billions of people alongside the countless species of other living beings that coexist on this Earth. It is time we ceased to make decisions based on ‘the highest monetary return’ and begin to make decisions for our future based on an inclusive world view, which values the intrinsic aspect of all of the natural world. This actually means DOING something different to what we are doing now and not allowing world leaders to simple talk about doing something different… I urge us all to look deep within ourselves and realise that collective social change begins with a mental shift within our own being… SS.


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