Monday 26 November 2012 – Time to go home…

Have you ever wondered or pondered the meaning of life? Have you ever contemplated why you are here on this Earth? After perhaps contemplating this thought have you then imagined the possibility that there is no need at all to ponder upon this but rather simply find meaning in the present as there is no greater purpose but what is occurring right now? Perhaps our existence has no external ‘meaning’ as such and perhaps perceptually our mental faculties are so imaginative that through cultural adaptations, collective history and creativity we have concocted this story within our minds that there is ‘something’ beyond our own existence and we exist in service or in relation to something other than ourselves?

Perhaps some of you may be thinking that you do not even bother with ethereal thought and that you ground yourself in matters concerning your experience here and now… Whichever vantage point you consider, you surely must be able to observe interconnectivity between our thoughts, our experiences and our immediate and expansive environment? I am not insinuating a fatalistic approach to our existence, but rather a very connected reality that embeds itself in our experience as human beings. Is there any value to us having the ability to contemplate temporal stages of perceived existence? Is there value to us envisioning a limitless field of, well anything and everything? What does this, in and of itself mean?

There comes a time in all of our lives where we question why. This may occur because we have experienced hardship (as often this places the human person in a highly reflective state of being), or perhaps we are not intrinsically satisfied with our life’s situation. We have an innate ability to observe our surroundings and make connections between our actions and our outcomes. Although I believe we are highly responsible for our actions and our reality is self created, collectively and individually, there is an aspect of self and part of the human condition that is rarely expressed or even known in its state of fullness.

That state revolves around our interconnectivity to ourselves, to each other and to the expansive Universe (or rather all that is and simultaneously all that has yet to become and is not). This may read abstract to you, but stay with me for a moment. Our interpretations of our environment influence our perceptive faculties which ultimately dictate how we view reality and ultimately how we behave. Imagine for a moment, one sincere moment we all perceived infinite possibilities. What affect would this have on our realities? If we cannot observe phenomena and life through our physical senses does this mean the possibility of this reality is unattainable?

The purpose here is to expand our minds and journey in to the unknown, let us make the unknown known… Simple as that, that is all… SS.

The universe is in our hearts - The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos SIfandos

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2 Responses to Monday 26 November 2012 – Time to go home…

  1. love and light to you πŸ™‚

  2. Thanking you kindly, peace and light to you… πŸ™‚

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