Saturday 24 November 2012 – How to know you?

The understanding of self comes from greatly understanding our environment. Our environment greatly consists of us knowing the other.

We know ourselves greatly through also knowing the other. We often project the deepest aspects of self unto the other, therefore the other is often and truly a reflection of who we are. It is integral to understand that life does not operate naturally in opposites, it is via individualised projections that we understand life as opposites. For instance, we cannot know or feel the cold, without knowing or having felt warmth. The same goes for understanding notions of good and bad. These are perceptions largely based on our personal interpretations of the world in which we live in, which have largely been influenced by our own personal experiences, beliefs, teachings, etc. The world simply is, what you may perceive negative, another person may find highly beneficial, so which one is it then? You can perhaps begin to understand that reality then becomes highly dependent on interpretation and perception, and seeming you live your own reality, it is your perception that matters most to you…

Knowing this is important to knowing self, for when you have a firm clench on the way our world operates you begin to sense the world differently. Your understanding expands, your become more inclusive in your ways, you become open to new information, you become less threatened by the unknown and in fact you embrace the unknown, you also embrace change, change from routine, change from what negative habitual behaviour that only serves the growth of the ego. Here, within this space life becomes fruitful and beautiful. Your world opens to a new fearless way of living and old, previous indoctrinations fade away…

Knowing yourself begins with the step towards being fearless. Letting go of habitual behaviour and engaging in behaviour that is different, it is often this ‘different’ behaviour that leads towards a path of self improvement and greater awareness of all that is… SS.

Absorb - The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

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2 Responses to Saturday 24 November 2012 – How to know you?

  1. Leah says:

    But what happens when it is forced upon you and you were happy being different before everyone trying to make you the ‘different’ they want?

  2. When life our other’s beliefs, values, way of living is forced upon us, it is not always easy to accept. For it presents itself in a ‘forceful’ manner. I feel it is important here to not meet this force with force but with greater understanding of what life is actually about. This includes the other’s perceptions, beliefs, probable reasoning for their behaviour. This is not necessarily easy to play out in practice but if we come from this space we enhance the probability of our own wellbeing… Does this somewhat clarify the query? Please continue a dialogue if you feel necessary.

    Thank you for your comments 🙂 SS.

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