Wednesday 14 November 2012 – The creative self

We all need to express our personal creativity in some form. We all need to feel we have the ability to express who we are in what we perceive to be a creative way which is ultimately free of judgement, pressure and critique. Our creative expressions of must reflect aspects of ourselves that require an outlet to be known. This ‘positive’ outward expression of self has the potential to benefit others as well as ourselves. Creativity produces self awareness. The more we create the greater we know ourselves and become more comfortable with who we are. Via this repetitive exposure we understand the core of who we are and what we are. Creation is also linked closely to the human psyche and the mythology of humanity. It is through stories that we learn and our behaviours and cultural constructs are also shaped.

The greater our creativity, the stronger and deeper our mythological constructs and ultimately the foundations of who we believe ourselves to be is formed… Through our creative nurture we allow our cultural surroundings to take shape. This is why it is paramount that our outward creative expression is built upon foundations of ‘goodness’ and sincerity, for they shape our collective interactions. It is important to primarily create with the intention of satisfying deep collective and personal yearnings. Secondly, expression of a deeper self has the potential to be inspiring. Creativity takes forms in various ways and is truly subjective for so many. There are no limits on creativity and there are no ‘rules’. The only parameters that guide creativity should revolve around truth, sincerity and the collective and connective good of all living beings; in other words one’s creativity should come form a place of universal connectedness…

I wish only that we are all able to express our creativity in fullness, free of judgement, free of critique. The feeling of vulnerability is not ‘bad’ but rather what exists is a confidence, acceptance and trust in oneself that actually supersedes the negative cultural influences of life. Create, for it is your pathway to self realisation… SS.

Thank you to our friend Patrick Latter for the wonderful time-lapse…

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