Thursday 08 November 2012 – Eating for you, eating for all…

You truly do become what you consume…

It is important that we acknowledge the interconnectedness of life. What we do to our body today, our thoughts, our behaviours and who we are now ultimately impedes on and influences who we may become. Do you not wish to become great, not only for yourself, but for those which surround you? With particular reference to the simplicity (or complexity) of food it is vital we educate ourselves wholly on the matter and understand that we are more than just ‘machines’, we are delicate and intricate beings who demand respect…

We are more than our bodies. What we consume internally not only affects us directly, it affects our loved ones, those in close proximity to us and actually the entire planet; human, flora and fauna. This particular post is about the interconnectedness of life. You see, there is not much you can do without actually influencing your immediate environment and environment afar. With direct reference to food consumption it is important to understand that the food we consume is directly and indirectly linked to what happens to our natural ecology, localised economies and our overall general health and wellbeing. The typical Western diet (which is now being adopted in many emerging developing and Eastern nations) involves the average person consuming (namely from Australia and America) 122kg of meat per annum. This compares to the remainder of the world who overall averages about 9.5 kilograms beef, 15 kilograms pork and 12.5 kilograms chicken for a total of 37 kilograms per person per year. The impacts of this are grand. I am not suggesting we cease to eat meat. That is not what this post is really about. This post is directed to guide us to think about what we do as a cultural species has a huge bearing on people you do not even know and ecosystems you have never interacted with. The very ecosystems that directly contribute to your existence.

The ‘meat’ industry is a large consumer of grain. Our society utilises large amounts of grain and consumable water in order to feed meat for consumption the mainstream way. Our culture mass producers meat in a way that is terrible inefficient. It is done in such a way that is devastating for the ecological landscape, the animals and our health but great for economic efficiency and turn over. These poor animals are often fed a diet that is not natural to their existence, pumped with antibiotics to withstand the harsh and unnatural conditions and loaded with growth hormones to feed ‘us’ quicker. This is intrinsically wrong. Who then, do you think eats what they have eaten? It is all about economic efficiency. The best procedures revolve strongly around the most cost effective ones…

Caged Cows - Mass farming - The Labyrinth of LIfe - Stefanos Sifandos

These issues are multifaceted, alongside the negative health impacts of eating ‘mainstream’ farmed meat, there are terrible negative ecological side effects to the natural environment. Large natural and native vegetation is cleared to make way for animal farms greater than your imagination can conceive. Vast amounts of land are cleared to grow (often GMO) monocultural crops to feed these animals. In short this has a negative affect on that ecosystem, damaging localised flora and fauna and making a mess of the soil quality. Not to mention that full effects of GMO are yet to be known. This is another full fledged debate in and of itself. As stated earlier, this post is not about not eating meat… And we have not even touched on the vast amounts of petrochemicals used to grow these crops that feed our animals, the issues of chemical and surface run off in to our waters ways which pollute our natural water supply… This particular post is about the interconnectedness of life and the choices we make.

There are more efficient (economic also) and safer ways to eat our foods. Growing your own vegetables (for those that are currently able to), for those who are not community cohorts or community gardens (for the Australian website click here) exist. Vertical farms, permaculture, the list goes on!!!

Community garden - Social initiative - The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

Consuming, raw, nutritious, nutrient packed food is one avenue in which to take to maintaining a healthy structure that can support any endeavour we choose to partake in as humans (it is not the only way though). Raw food is live food, live food provides us with the continual building blocks of life… When our bodies are healthy, so are our minds and this truth is circular… When we are in a space of clarity we have the abundant ability to flourish and become more than we ever imagined…

Embracing healthiness goes beyond just picking up a ‘carrot’ and eating it ‘raw’. And actually it is as much as breaking the current norms as it is embracing new ones… It is an ideology and practice embedded in holistic understanding of the self and the world around us. Remember though, this post is not about NOT eating meat, eat is about awareness and the ability to be in an educated place in order to make the best choices for you and your world… Embrace difference, the current norm will shackle your existence… Eat well, think well, be well; not only for yourself, but for those around you and your Earth.

Please do not be blinded or fooled in to believing that the way we live our lives now is the best way for all or the best way ‘forever’. We appear to be stuck in old, outdated cultural habits that have no place in modern society. We are solely responsible for the choices we make. ONly we can make the choices to change the world we live in to a world that is inclusive and recognises the inherent and intrinsic nature of all living beings. I am not suggesting anyone stop eating meat, that is your choice, but how, where and why this meat is prepared are questions we should all be asking. There are other options, the more individuals move towards a space where the mainstream is not the mainstream anymore mass change and revolution has the capacity to flourish. At this stage awareness is key to self evaluation and the overall consideration of change and difference. I wish you all a fruitful enquiry in to life and in to your own truth… SS.

Model of Change - The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

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