Wednesday 31 October 2012 – A comprehensive picture of humanity

A comprehensive and encompassing view of the human condition. A systematic analysis from one of the greatest minds of this era, Jacque Fresco. A deeper understanding of where we have come from, our social and personal evolution and a deeper look via query of where we have the capacity to go as collective humanity. Filmed 13 years ago the truth touched upon then is the truth that needs addressing now. As a humanity it is crucial we question our current set of behaviours and begin to NOW learn from our past choices. If we do not pay sincere attention to our collective behaviours, cultural nuances and outdated ideologies we are setting ourselves up for pain, suffering and a propulsion towards the death of our social structures.

The death of our current social structures is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing. In fact it is necessary. We need to change our view points on the way we execute our everyday lives, our collective ideologies, our habitual patterns of negatively based behaviours and the way we relationally act with each other. What is integral to the expansion of our collective consciousness is how we do this? We may approach this in a way that promotes internal growth and sustains our existence. Or we can make choices which eventually elicit dramatic change from the current way life is lived with the downside of extreme suffering. This suffering largely comes down to a breakdown in our ecological systems which are ultimately the platform for our survival. The choices are ours, they always have been and they always will be. We simply need to choose life… SS.

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