Monday 29 October 2012 – Why OR What?

Sometimes life is not always so ‘cut & dry’…

I feel it is time to clarify the importance of asking why, which is also known as constant query. There is no doubt that query is essential in evolving our consciousness, developing our relationships, increasing our connection to self and raising our self awareness (becoming self-realised beings). There are at times though that asking why sometimes grounds us in the past a little too much. There are at times when asking “what can we do NOW, with what we have becomes far more valuable to our personal growth and evolution. Ignore the happenings of why (but only temporarily). Being grounded in the past and being obsessed with changing the past or wishing we had tread a different path is often a hindrance to who we are and who we have the potential to become.

Sometimes it is beneficial to strengthen our character, know ourselves and embrace who we are now. Work out where we want to go, who we want to be and engage in meaningful practice surrounding positive change. Then from this enlightened space we can reflect and ask why. Here it would be useful for it may provide us with the ability to recognise who we were and be humbled by who we have become through our experiences. There are times when we are emotionally too fragile to constantly ask why of ourselves. Our emotional bodies are too battered and not in unified space of self where we can be honest and sincere. A balance of temporarily burying the past in combination with reflecting on particular truths is required until we are strong enough to face our perceived demons. Here, focusing on what you wish to create for yourself and those around you should be your priority. This is not sugar coating your circumstances, this is acknowledging you need time to heal and reach a space where you will feel empowered and clear enough to reflect meaningfully and deeply; and have the capacity and strength to deal with the why. Again, pending you do not get bogged down in the why that it affects your ability to wonderfully create your future through the now…

Only you as an individual can make that choice and strike that balance within a timely manner. Asking why is crucial to our growth. Asking who one is, is crucial to moving out of old patterns of negative behaviour. Asking what can one be places you in a positive space where you will ultimately have the confidence and fearlessness to address who you were and why you were who you were…

Find that internal homeostasis. It will ultimately set you free… SS.

Rain forest - The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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2 Responses to Monday 29 October 2012 – Why OR What?

  1. mandyloubser says:

    So true, what an inspiration. thank you

  2. Hi there Mandy, great to hear from you! Thank you for your thoughts! 🙂 SS.

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