Saturday 27 October 2012 – Self Respect

Self respect is critical to understanding self – Understanding self is critical to exhibiting acts of self respect…

To be in touch with oneself requires discipline, attentiveness, self awareness, acute self reflection and self respect for one’s vehicle for the soul (the human body). Respect your physical housing for it is integral to your spiritual growth and development. Your physical housing allows you as an entire and whole person to engage in enlightened and meaningful activities and practices. Why you may ask?… By immersing yourself in these practices you will be lead to an unfathomed wisdom and eternal stillness of being… This, in and of itself in invaluable to your personal and collective evolution. COnsider carefully every action, thought and feeling you choose experience and continue to experience, for they become your reality and all that you may know yourself to be… SS.

Evening Mountains - The Labyrinth of Life

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