Thursday 25 October 2012 – The Symmetry of life

The Symmetry of life is exceptional. If we only took moments to observe the intricate, sophisticated and delicate nature of this living planet, we may just find inner peace. It is really quite simple, it is not difficult. Life is cyclical, that old saying of which came first the chicken or the egg has no real relevance… Life, existence is cyclical and relational upon itself… Without one the ‘other’ does not exist, this is true because of the interconnectedness and oneness of life and of existence. If we gazed outwardly we would realise that we are actually gazing inwardly, if we reflect inwardly, we would actually realise that we are observe the entire Universe…

This translates to a life of oneness and connectedness. As a collective humanity we destroy without thought, because either consciously or unconsciously we believe that happens to something else or someone else has no real bearing on us… How intrinsically wrong this is… Within this context, if we closely observe our surrounding we may feel the truth of oneness and interconnectivity amongst all of reality. SS.

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