Thursday 18 October 2012 – GMO???… NO!!!

It confuses me, it bemuses me and it concerns me deeply that there are people of power in position that dictate our collective survival. These are people that are astute business people, doctors, scientists who work for multi-national corporations in the name of progressive science. Genetically modifying foods that in their own right provide every living being with sustenance is not productive nor is it moral! There is no need to tamper with something that is already extremely efficient. If we peel back the layers of what is occurring here and the reasons why GMO is in perpetual existence is because of profiteering. GMO fast tracks the growth of fruit, vegetables, grains, etc. It also has the potential to make these plant species resistant to pests. In turn, a by product of this is that the product actually becomes poisonous to consumption. Why? Because our bodies, alongside other living beings who consume GMO foods do not recognise the poison that these foods are laden with and extract very little if any nutritional value from the product. Coupling this, these foods cause greater disease within us. This is all prioritised in the name of profit. To increase production in order to increase turnover, in order to increase the pace at which higher amounts of money are coming in to the privatised companies who are responsible for this… The sadness of all of this is that it is a paradox. Higher profits in order to be killed quicker and not have the capacity to even enjoy what materialistic pleasure money can buy…

There is great news though… Awareness is accumulating and as the article below elaborates, it is nearing. We are here! Spread this message. No longer will our collective consciousness be ruled by money hungry corporate fools! No longer will the public be treated as experiments and be used as a tool to attain ‘profit’. We are better than this! Observe the systemic nature of our collective culture and be a keen observer of what is occurring. YOU have the power! Spread this power to others and empower them with the information! Make choices that is in support of a holistic lifestyle, not a limited life! SS.

Grass Roots Victory against GMO is inevitable! 

effects of GMO - Tomato - The Labyrinth of LIfe - Stefanos SIfandos

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