Monday 15 October 2012 – The spiritual warrior

A simple article articulating the potential of the human spirit. Through avenues of our culturally created ways, we have cluttered our ‘real’ lives with unnecessary information and experiences that have no ‘real’ substance. Understanding the warrior force that resides within all of us, is key to understanding and expressing integral aspects of self. This expression has the capacity to lead to mastery of self and mastery of one’s environment. The positive affect this may have on all of those around you may actually be quite overwhelming but the key is to understand its potential. Courage is necessary in order to face this internalised possibility of change. This change may be confronting but endeavour to remain within this process, observe quietly from a neutral vantage point and absorb the necessity of this process in full. Manifesting this inner strength shall set you free from the bondage of ignorance and illusion. SS.

The Spiritual Warrior

big wave and courage

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