Saturday 13 October 2012 – Animal activism & Veganism

Gary Yourofsky is revolutionary in the way he approaches this serious systemic and cultural issue that plagues our Earth and society today. His approach to this information and the way he imparts the information surrounding the argument for moving towards a Vegan way of life flows quite well. Although I personally do not agree with all of Gary’s view points and the way in which he discusses certain points surrounding health, nutrition and an ecologically connected view point, his passion for this subject matter is second to none. When watching this lecture do your best to maintain an open mind and consider not only the intricacies or potential flaws in his presentation but rather consider his vantage point from a holistic foundation. That is all inclusive of your health, the health of all ‘others’ and the environment as an integrated working whole which depends on all components for its efficiency and integrity. It is never easy to break cultural, indoctrinated habit, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary; especially if we wish to save ourselves from self destruction. SS.

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