Wednesday 10 October 2012 – On Love & Sex

This post centres itself around questions pertaining to perhaps one of the most important, trivial and deepest aspects of the human relational condition. A few questions to ponder…

1. What is love and why?

2. Leaving to the side procreation, what is the emotional significance of sex? Does it even pertain emotional or psychological significance to the self?

3. When you say you are in love, what does this actually mean? Are you simply regurgitating what others in the past have said before you?

4. Who are you when you love? And can love and sex be separated? Can sex be meaningful without the presence of love?

5. Can you be in love with more than one person at the same time? If so, how?

6. Is love more valuable than sexual desire and the act of sexuality?

There are some obvious answers here that revolve around conditioning, upbringing, experiential understanding, opinions and perceptions of subjective reality, but what is it that drives us all to love, to love ourselves, others, our world, materialistic objects, life or a particular experience? Can you equate the love of an object with the love of a human? Your extensive and deep thoughts to comments are appreciated… SS.

Heart full self and love - The Labyrinth of LIfe - Stefanos SIfandos

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