Tuesday 09 October 2012 – The wonder of timing…

Have you ever sat still and simply observed life? A life, which comprises of your own personal happenings, your fears, your joys, your breath, your ideas, your thoughts, your everyday actions, your tasks, your experiences, your feelings, your relationships, the way in which you communicate, what makes you basically you and so much more… Then perhaps you may observe all of these phenomena in others and within the context of their personal lives. This consciousness may then expand to a collective sphere of observation and comprehension towards all of us at a deeper and connected level of being… This acute observation has the potential to promote acute awareness and expanded consciousness of self towards self and self towards others. The potential of humanity and its expression travels parallel to the infinite nature of spirit and ‘beingness’. This ‘beingness’ encompasses all that is life and all that drives life to flourish in every facet, in every dimension, in every known and unknown parallel of existence and beyond. So, if we practice quietly with the application of regularity and with sincere intention, we then come to a place where our observation reveals a truth beyond comprehension. We now observe the world beyond with new eyes and with a new understanding…

Now, for a moment contemplate the world and the known and unknown dimensions of the Universe (our entire existence) as one connected whole; one entire interconnected and interdependent whole. Where if an atom 12 million light years away shifts in its own (yet connected and dependent) sphere of reality, eventually (bound by time) you may feel its impact or consequence. We contemplate, imagine, think and conceptualise ‘big’ in order to then effortlessly understand our own existence. The interesting phenomenon is that our own brains and our own bodies are highly vast and complex universes in and of themselves. The point to take away from this passage is that the perception of life rests its understanding of grandness of scale outside our own internalised and personal frame of reference. Hence if we can ‘think big’ and grasp these concepts we may then bring our focus and attention back to our own center. But where is this going and what does this have to do with timing?

Expansion and mind

Laying particular foundations of understanding towards our very existence is important for transition in to other realms of comprehension in relation to the infinite capacity the self portrays… The word infinite is used increasingly as it holds deep truth to the energy we have the potential to manifest as conscious and ‘alive’ beings. Understanding our existence through careful, quiet and meticulous observation (as simple as it appears) is foundational to knowing who we may be and what we may become. Why is knowing wholly one’s self in relation to all that is so important and crucial to our inwardly directed progression? It is significant because via this understanding we can consciously and graciously expand the fullness of who we are and have always been. Having this tremendous ability transcends suffering and surpasses the paralysis of cultural clutter, which fills and currently consumes every aspect of our being. As a society we are so consumed with materialistic clutter that we have lost sincere touch with who we really are. We are so driven with false mechanisms of survival that our ‘real’ selves have lost the aptitude to shine. In other words, what we feel is necessary to survive is actually unnecessary in terms of attaining clarity. We have created a world for ourselves that the more we materialistically own the wealthier or happier we are meant to be. Really? If we observe this happening closely we find greater discontent and greater suffering in attempting to adhere to the cultural norm. This suffering presents itself egotistically, physiologically, emotionally and psychologically. When stripped down, when bare and with nothing ‘pushed’ upon us, just ourselves; ask this question: who am I and why? Asking this question will open up the possibilities of inward growth like you may never imagine, this alongside sincere enquiry and patient persistence shall achieve a oneness with all that which is you.

So what of life then? What is of actual life? Breathing, being, doing; what makes provision for the standard or the norm of an ideal life? It is so different for so many. Our experiences basically shape our existence and our perceptions and interpretations then shape what we do with this knowledge of these experiences. Basically this process rests the foundations of the direction of which path our lives tread. So, absorbing the above sentence and taking it all within relative context of our own lives, would we then assume that this intricate play of experience, interpretation, choice and action leads to the delicate timing of all that occurs within our lives? More specifically think carefully about this physical life, contemplate the timing of life and every single action and experience which affects where we are, who we are with, the state and integrity of our physical health so on and so on…

Imagine for a moment that you are closer than you have ever been to the end of this physical life and your knowledge of life, as you understand it is informing you that this life is coming to an end… Observe closely your breath here; it is your breath, which governs your life. And then suddenly it may just stop, but why then, why in that precise moment, why not a minute later, or two years later or perhaps nine seconds earlier, why then, why now? What does this mean? Does it even mean anything significant at all? Perhaps there is no real substance in this at all? All is as it should be and without compromise. Here is the interesting factuality of this entire scenario. Every experience had or every experience you are a part of automatically integrates and connects to every other experience you have in life… This means that without one experience the other cannot be had. Further the impact of this phenomenon is that the timing of your life’s circumstances sets you up to experience everything that you do. From this vantage point as conscious and aware beings we actually have ‘some’ control as to how our lives actually evolve and become. For example, we have the ability to control (to some extent at least) the quality of life sustaining nutrition we ingest, we control (to some extent) what toxins we absorb. The reality is our control is limited and what we can control is only what presents itself amongst our own sphere of awareness. The major consideration here is that from a vantage point of health if we make these active and conscious decisions to better our lives, this will ultimately affect how we behave and the integrity of our mind body connection may be enhanced, ultimately leading to a ‘better life’.

This integrative and connective belief system can be applied to all areas of living and life’s relationships and is as aspect of self that if recognised and reflected upon has the potential to alter the lives of many dramatically. By absorbing these processes and this philosophical outlook, we have the potential to create the perception of inwardly driven abundance in our lives. This is integral to the psychological and physical development of oneself. We are not naive to believe we can live forever nor have the most glorious of relationships at all times or constantly, nor should we maintain the belief that we may never contract severe disease or suffer just because we eat healthy, meditate or treat others with complete respect at all times! The key is to be aware of our own selves and the connective reality that takes place at a practical and conceptual level. Most importantly it is about minimising the impact and grasping the connective truth that underpins every reality. The positive side effects of grasping this higher understanding is shown through enhanced relationships, a clearer vision of self and the world around us, resilience within the body and mind and a deeper understanding of the working Universe. This in and of itself leads to an ease of life and abundance in truth, a dream the vast majority of us are all wishing to dream… SS.


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