Thursday 04 October 2012 – Meat the truth

An interesting documentary on the consumption of meat, its effects on society, our  sociocultural norms, human health & wellbeing, socioeconomic measures and our natural ecology. Importantly it is understood that a large portion of human induced global warming is caused by systemically organised, mass producing agriculture, which is directly linked to cattle and meat production. The fossil fuels alone required to prop up this multi billion dollar industry are enormous and detrimental to our Earth. These are complex sociocultural issues.

Eating meat has moved beyond eating for health and nutrition (which there is now increasing evidence showing us that eating meat is of necessary health benefit – another argument for another time), but rather eating meat is becoming more and more to do with social status, prestige and overtly recognised individual and collective wealth. We are basically purposely breeding and slaughtering animals (in a way that suits economic efficiency – in other words these animals are suffering immensely), to satisfy ego at the expense of ecological and environmental integrity. This appears to be a tremendous oxymoron. It is sad to see millions upon millions of acres of fertile forest be destroyed to make way for mono-structural (usually GMO based) crops in order to feed animals to feed humans. Most ‘farm’ animals don’t require grains, but as a society we have become so far detached from traditional farming methods that our now commercialised methods are all about economic efficiency. Agribusiness will do whatever necessary to maintain this industry, including cramming animals, then feeding them harmful synthetic antibiotics to prevent disease and growth hormones & grains to grow them quicker in order to maintain higher turnovers and animal output. The demand for eating meat is self propagated by the industry itself.

We need to be aware of what we are doing as human beings and what we support. I am not instigating we stop eating meat, these are personal choices that must be reached through careful analysis and understanding of our connected society. What I am suggesting is that the choices we do make are well informed, educated and thoroughly understood. There are alternatives at the moment and the more we engage in these alternatives that support human well being, environmental integrity and as great a respect for other living beings as possible WE CAN actually change our sociocultural practices and move away from a prioritisation on economics and money and move towards a value system which centres itself around intrinsic value of all living organisms and wellbeing. Although this documentary supports veganism strongly, it’s not only about that, its about educating ourselves with all the information possible so that we have the ability to make the best choices for ourselves, our loved ones and our Earth. SS.


animal cruelty - modern caged farming practices

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