Monday 01 October 2012 – Change is necessary

There is no greater opportunity than now to change our social values and gear our global attitudes towards one of reverence, inclusiveness, equity and the recognition of the intrinsic value of all living beings. As humans we posses an undying potential to expand our inner progress, this can only be achieved if work collaboratively. An interesting conversation was had not long ago between myself and a close friend. The essence of the conversation revolved around human ‘nature’ and where the human species stands, their intrinsic motivations, goals and their purpose upon this Earth. The strong opinion of my friend headed down a line of thought that closely relates to a mentality being of; that the survival of the fittest will reign supremacy and activate their desires. I sit back and observe this mentality or phenomena and conceptualise its meaning… It appears that our current economic and social systems also in essence operate within the paradigm of  the survival of the fittest and that this in inherently inbuilt in to a Capitalist model of operation.

A natural by product of this value system is competitiveness and competitiveness at a physiological and psychological level is often accompanied by a ruthlessness in expressible value systems. What this does in actual fact is disconnect humanity from each other and promote a selfish and self absorbed existence. Furthermore our circumstances, rather than being collaborative actually become isolated, withdrawn, fear based and individualised. The problem here lies in that our actions as ‘selfish’ individuals affect the entire community or population as a collective whole. It is impossible not to. If we observe the behaviours and value systems of large profit orientated corporations such as one who is in the business of oil and gas exploration. We clan clearly observe that in the pursuit of monetary profit, exponential growth and the requirements to satisfy ‘share holders’ their actions negatively affect the lives of many others. The environmental degradation caused whilst in engaging in the excavation process is detrimental to the natural habitat and localised and global ecosystems, which ultimately impact negatively on our survival. These practices that accompany the goals of multinational corporations such as these are unsafe, dirty and unpractical. Remember, these ecosystems being damaged as a direct cause of these cultural practices support our very existence, and we are polluting it with toxicity and poison. Not too mention the local communities who suffer physiologically, psychologically, culturally and economically at the mercy of large and overpowering corporations. This is clearly one example of many, the idea to extract from this is that as a culture we are moving very fast and are missing the consequences and experiential outcomes of the practices we are currently engaged in.

Other industries that are of great influence and have the potential to cause social and ecological issues are: the banking and finance industry, the building & construction industry and the mining industry (just to name a few) – basically our cultural practices as they are executed in todays day and age are outdated and non-applicable in a rapidly expanding population and evolving society. There are many solutions and alternatives available but as a society we are so engrained in ‘old’ lifestyle habits. We are so dependent on oil and so entrenched in these value systems that we have misplaced our priorities as a co-existing species. Those priorities are pure health and well being of every living being and maintaining the integrity of the planet that supports our existence and experiential nature. Rather than working to better ourselves economically in a selfish “better than the Jones’s” attitude, if we only worked together to achieve the greatest wellness for all of us, we would find that working collaboratively is far superior to the selfish lifestyles we have created for ourselves within this time and era… SS.

Peter Joseph - Zeitgeist movement

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2 Responses to Monday 01 October 2012 – Change is necessary

  1. mexdog says:

    Thanks for the post. The Darwinian notion of survival of the fittest has long been misappropriated to mean only the “strong” shall survive. It has hovered in the background as the justification for greed and and exploitation for many, many decades now. What Darwin was really saying was that only through adaptation, not necessarily strength, does nature progress and evolve. In the early days of human evolution, being the fittest, i.e the strongest, did in fact have the highest survival value. Now that mankind has overrun the planet’s resources, a new paradigm of cooperation, compassion, and love must emerge as the new “strongest” if we are to continue forward as a species.

  2. I could not agree more my friend! Thank you for your insightfulness. I feel our social and cultural constructs have taken over our ability to intuitively gauge our behaviours. As a collective humanity we have become blinded by the pursuit of our cultural habits, which over time have compounded and created an environment where we are no dependant on the very behaviours which in fact are self destructive and damaging towards all living beings and ecology. As you said a new adaption is required and we must seize this opportunity now! SS.

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