Thursday 27 September 2012 – What if life was holographic?

WARNING: A very ‘warped’ post…

Please note, this is an entangled and complex subject, there may be times where the information jumps dramatically from point to point, do your best to remain with the subject matter as I will do my best to present varied views as fluidly and as balanced as possible.

The way we interpret, perceive, believe and act accordingly through our ‘apparent’ reality is varied for each individual being and more importantly how we interpret, perceive and believe our reality impacts deeply on how our lives are acted out. So philosophically and practically what does this imply for our lives? We come to a cross roads where depending on how we perceive the world outside of us (well apparently outside of us) determines the quality and type of lives we actually experience and live.

warped reality

There are entangling factors or possibilities that intertwine themselves with perceptions of what reality is, such as:

Subjective vs Objective realities
– Varied states of consciousness
– What faculties actually perceive the world we experience
– Notions of Quantum Physics
– Personal experiences and belief systems we maintain

The purpose of this post is to facilitate a discussion engulfing the many and varied possibilities surrounding what reality actually is and what perceives and determines the way we actually live out these realities? This is an extremely complex discussion and one that requires a very open mind (or brain, or nervous system or belief system or all of the above)???

What we think we see or perceive around us is an illusion; a very effective one, and which is quite easily manipulated. We watch from our earthbound nervous systems (until we learn to see or perceive otherwise) a world around us take shape and form. We look for patterns, and we quickly learn to guard for fight or flight situations. According to our pre-programmed brains, the propensity to defend itself according to its interpreted surroundings is pendent on past experiences whilst simultaneously being somewhat innate within all of us. So from this vantage point we observe the eyes as being a conductor of the outside world and our brains, which are intimately connected to our intricate nervous system as interpreting this world. But interprets this world based on what, why and how? Firstly based on one’s beliefs (for one’s beliefs will either limit or expand what information is processed in life. Stimulus is so varied and extensive that we can only absorb and process so much at once, the nervous system, brain, etc. will only allow what it knows, recognises, finds attractive, useful or relates to in order to minimise internal clutter and confusion), life experiences and understanding of these experiences, through one’s knowledge base and then one’s overall state of being (that which makes that person ‘whole’) will also influence the way in which these interpretations are understood. Read below and think for a moment…

If two people are in the ‘same’ room apparently observing the same phenomena but there are two different interpretations of this phenomena what does this mean?

Old Zen Proverb: If a tree falls in the forest and there is no-one there to hear it does it make a sound?

Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time.

The first two italic points above refer to the subjective nature of reality and the last italic point refers to the objective nature of reality.

The differing points lie in whether life would exist with or without human (or rather your) observation. In other words would your home still exist in its erect structure if you were not in it or outside of it to verify its existence? Some would argue yes it would still exist and therefore be a reality. But would it be a reality to you if you could not observe it or perceive it? If you were dead, would it exist for you? And if it exists for another, does that still make it real for you? WHOA!!!

How do we know we know? 
What faculties do we rely on for confirmation?
Do we only consider a physical reality a true reality? 

The last question is one which requires serious thought, it basically restructures our perceived realities and adds value to phenomena such as dreams, varied states of consciousness and pure thought energy as a tangible and valuable reality which may outweigh what we do and how we live in our everyday physical lives.

Twisted Universe

Sometimes asking too many questions with haste can be detrimental to our own sanity. It is necessary to understand that life is not always as it seems and if we sit and contemplate deeply as to what is real to us and what opinion, belief or vantage point holds the most relative weight we may find that the way in which we view the world and the way in which we believe in our perceived realities now are actually a warped view of a different possibility. In saying this though if we observe it in the way we interpret it, is it not real for us? And seeming we are the only ones that can observe through our own faculties, does that reality not carry the most influence and affect for us? 🙂 SS.


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