Tuesday 25 September 2012 – FYI & BTW, it is still time to wake up!

A short article, thought provoking and simply understood. There is too much that occurs in our world that goes unnoticed by the masses. Have you ever wondered through life not questing your existence, your motives, your beliefs, your thoughts, your actions, your “apparently CHOSEN” path in life? Too often, too many of us simply do and we do with no understanding of why. We do not question the social norm, or mainstream cultural practise, we simply flow with what everybody else appears to do… DO you really want to attend University, did you really want to be a plumber, do you really want to work in an office 12 hours a day, have you always wanted to truly be an engineer in the oil and gas industry? If you answer yes to your chose career, have you then asked what has intrigued you to pursue these avenues? We need to understand why a we do what we do and why we make the choices we make. The world is the way it is because WE in some way have contributed to and created this standard by which we live by. We now also have the opportunity and the ability to change our current global circumstances… SS.

The sad, sad truth

Brave with your life

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