Monday 17 September 2012 – A narrow minded government

Is the Australian government alongside other ‘resource rich nations’ so narrow-minded and short sighted that they cannot contemplate the semi permanent effects these choices made today have on our connected future as a global society? In short the government (influenced by big business and the petrochemical industry) is allowing large corporations to engage in drilling and mining practices that ultimately have devastating effects on the natural ecology that supports our existence alongside every other living organism. These decisions are made in support of economic profit and growth. The limits of these profits and this ‘economic surplus’ lie in the fact that as a byproduct of these mining and drilling practices tremendous devastation is virtually immediately caused to the ecosystems that support life. Via these disruptions, ecology is lost. The very ecology that provides these resource company’s with incentive to do what they do is destroyed and stripped back. Then what? When there is nothing left to take from the Earth and there is nothing left to ‘export’, then what? Once the damage becomes irreversible for our lifetimes and many generations forward then what? Once this damage is so extensive that it causes severe disruptions to our lifestyles through natural disasters then what?

The Australian government collaboratively with the privatised resource sector export much of Australia’s minerals and resources to China and India. What happens when the finite resource simply diminishes? What then? There is a saying which generally intertwines itself with economics and it goes a little like this… “Never place your eggs all in one basket”. This saying rings true and for the Australian government from a purely short sighted economic standpoint, it is greedy and ridiculous. From an ecological standpoint it’s disgusting, selfish and a total mis-prioritsation of an outdated cultural value system that realistically had no place in our past because it does not value the intrinsic nature of all living organism. And definitely has no place now or in our future! The environmental effects on our ecological systems and us as humans is devastating when these dirty practices go wrong (and, yes they go wrong)! The pollution to our atmosphere, the degradation to our waterways and the animal life which we feed from; which sustains more than 70% of the Earths population. We then become poisoned by this contaminated food…

Contaminated fish from BP oil spill

Contaminated fish from BP oil spill

For all of those who are ‘pro petrochemical’, I have heard all of your standard bullshit, narrow minded rebuttals… Below is an example list of some of the common comments we hear from laymen people and ‘subject matter experts’…

“The importance of rigs in modern times is necessary. Without it, your cars, plastics, electricity, heating and many, many other products simply couldn’t be manufactured. And the prices of those that could would skyrocket”.

“Solar panels have about 14% efficiency whereas oil, petrol and similar products have much, much higher efficiency rates, so no. Solar panels are far too costly to install and not even worth the energy they produce”. 

“There is an abundance of oil and the concept of peak oil is not even close to occurring as yet”.

The rebuttal to this is: WAKE THE F**K UP!!! Jump out of the cultural mess you have attached yourself to that dwells deep inside your perceptions of a justified reality and realise that we simply do not live in this world that has an endless supply of oil (stored sun energy accumulated over millions of years) that will support the lifestyles currently lived by the vast majority of the Western world. There are technologies that exist today that are fully functioning such as: solar, wind technology, geothermal technology, maglev technology (for more efficient transport), enhanced sanitation, smarter more efficient cultural practices that do not have such negative effects on the environment and much more to assist us in changing our cultural habits to those that are inclusive of our future and of all living beings.

A tremendous shift in values and cultural practices are required in order for us to survive and survive with integrity and dignity. The issues are also deeply embedded in the society we have created for ourselves and continue to perpetuate through our own practices and inherent systemic functions of our governing systems. I am very well aware that it not only costs tremendous amounts of money (see appendix A for a detailed and interconnected explanation of the monetary system and its place in our current paradigm) to implement these renewable technologies but it also requires tremendous amounts of fossil fuels to power them in the interim of operation and construction. BUT! If we continue to do what we have always done we will continue to move backwards in our technological progressions and inwardly regarding the evolution and revolution as a species.

Appendix A: Basically technology and the implementation of useful, life saving and safe technologies have been put to a fault by major corporations with a vested interest in profit motives. This is exemplified by such film documentary”s like Who killed the electric car? There are also terrible and inherent flaws within our monetary system that have a particular type of effect on the psyche of our culture. The system and the way it is governed is a selfish system which promotes competition and as a natural by product greed and that accumulated materialistic wealth is a sign of respect, honour or dignity (Click here for an overview of a wonderful book that outlines in depth these issues). All emotions and states of being that as humans we generally aim for. But a system based on infinite growth attempting to derive its power from what is ultimately a finite platform can only set its players (YOU & I) up for disaster…

The point is, we need to pull our heads out of the sand, stop ignoring the REAL issues and make changes now! The attitude of: “Oh well, too late for me, il just keep going”, or “How can one person make a difference” has no place whatsoever in this world at this time. SS

Fight strongly for what you believe in, for what you value now is slipping from your cultural grip. You will find that the tighter you clench this false pursuit of happiness, the looser your grip becomes on the real reality, for the Earth cannot sustain your cultural lust for the infinite more… SS.

GET UP – Action for Australia

Louisiana Oil Rig Collapse

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