Wednesday 12 September 2012 – The ability to recognise we are not being who we can truly be…

I was engaging in a meaningful conversation recently. This individual has recently gone through some life changing events which have been the catalyst for immense change in their life. There is tremendous courage and handing over of ego to one’s higher self (and social circumstances) which surrounds personal recognition such as this. This individual has come to the realisation that the way they have been living their life and behaving at least for the past 12 months or so has been of no benefit to their own personal growth or those around them. In fact, it has been an apparent detriment if anything at all. They have caused pain to their own being at all levels and they have caused pain and discomfort to their loved ones. To the point where this individual has lost what was considered a big part of their identity.

I commend this person. For what my humble vantage point is worth I commend them because they have chosen to recognise the choices they made were leading them down a path of self destruction. They have recognised that something is not right and not comfortable and they are open to change. But more importantly they are open to exploring this truth within themselves and are willing to tread another path. Sounds simple, right? Well on one hand it is, on the other it requires that one faces their demons, and that sometimes can get nasty…

When we face our demons it is imperative we embrace this process and do this properly. By properly it is meant that we engage in this process with truth, sincerity and fearlessness. We must recognise that we may face some sides of ourselves that we may not be happy with and that have perhaps caused much pain to ourselves and those around us. We need to own these actions and these choices, but we need to forgive ourselves and others with sincerity. We need to understand that sometimes our intentions at the time of particular circumstances may be sincere but they may also be from a place of unconscious ignorance. We learn (if we allow ourselves to) from these experiences, but we need to be fearless enough to openly apologise to ourselves and others and recognise that although at the time we did not have the practical or psycho-emotional tools to do better we acknowledge that we are moving forward by being open to change. Please know on this plane, change is interlinked with time…

Although this may appear like a tangent, it is intrinsically not. Recognising who we are in any particular situation, then recognising we did the best we could with what we had, then realising that there is room for growth and change towards betterment is part of the  process which enables a raising in consciousness.

Recognising you have been what you have not wanted to be in your life is not easy, being overt in this posture and not running away from this is not easy… In fact it is extremely difficult and not often an action that can be taken by many. It is extremely confronting to realise that you have lived your life according to a set of norms or ideals that you consciously do not align yourself with. It is also extremely empowering and character building to realise that YOU are responsible for this and that you have the power to make these changes towards betterment. Disregard ‘right’ and ‘wrong’; acknowledge who you are, who you have been and who you may become; focus on confronting your demons; recognise you are not always responsible for others; fear not being ostracised, we all make ‘mistakes’; and most importantly embrace the reality that there are different versions of you that require expression. It is when we know ourselves to the fullest of our ability that we can express these versions of self appropriately and with timeliness alongside emotional intelligence and innate wisdom… SS.

Below is a photo taken from a dear friend of mine who is currently travelling and experiencing life. This photo was taken in Alaska. May you be safe and experience life with an openness of mind now and always…

Alaska, photography - The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

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