Tuesday 11 September 2012 – Multiple realities – one singular existence…

We live in a Western paradigm where experience is plentiful. The Western framework intertwines with the self-constructed, self-perpetuating cultural construct of our times and produces the circumstances outlaid for us today. We interpret our existence through various lenses and more often than not our direct environment and the way in which we absorb this information influence these interpretations.

Our prior constructed beliefs; views, values and ideologies amalgamate in one inner cauldron of thought and emotion, which shape the way we outwardly act and react to external stimuli associated with situation and circumstance. What must be found crucial to this entire process is careful observation with the greatest of attempts of the removal of biased judgment or discrimination. What this means in simple terms is observe your personal and interpersonal circumstances without the illusion that your observation and interpretation of this observation is the only one and plausible reality or possibility (detach your attached emotionality to the situation – do not allow your state of being to become emotional as influenced by what is occurring). Being present and observant in purity without judgment also means that you have no emotionality surrounding your observations. Your emotional well being is not placed in the outcomes of your life’s circumstances, but rather your wellbeing is placed inwardly and determined by a choice you make to remain calm, focused and expansive surrounding the multiple possibilities of the occurrences you are a witness to.

We live in a world where polarity reigns supremacy and without the understanding of acceptance and the choosing of which polar opposite you align yourself with you may be ostracized or shun upon. You either must be good or bad, happy or sad, right or wrong and so fourth. Broadly speaking and particularly on a geopolitical front government bodies and global leaders seeking peace often chase war and conflict due to their narrow minded value systems and the ideologies they place contextually upon a particular situation. We all view the world differently; we arrive at ourselves by stemming from different life experiences and different positions within this world. Our first port of call should be to understand ourselves in an ever changing and dynamic environment where wrong and right may actually have the potential to co-exist or rather perhaps wrong and right are one in the same?

The focus here should lie deeply within our own function and ability, once the inner world is conquered and understood through a perspective of the mind and a deeper understanding of our emotions, calmness may then be able to sweep one’s inner being. When observing the outside world, a creative sense of multiples may take form within oneself. What this means is that one may have a greater sense of comfort through acknowledging that multiple realities and possibilities take place simultaneously. There is actual peace within this process. Because we co-exist with others on this Earth it is necessary to recognise multiple realities through multiple lenses of being. No two beings are the same through their own perceptive faculties, yet they are one in the same through the connective and collective consciousness that exists on multiple planes of attention. What does this mean? This means that there is difference and similarities between all living beings but not necessarily implying a discrepancy or hierarchy between the places the other maintains within this existence. We are all made from the same stardust and ultimately we are exhibiting being-ness on the same plane of existence. If our beliefs about difference shifts to that of an inclusive paradigm, existence, reality and life as it plays itself out will change drastically and the belief surrounding this will change for the better. SS.

The slightest of shift inwardly creates the greatest of changes outwardly… SS.

human faces

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4 Responses to Tuesday 11 September 2012 – Multiple realities – one singular existence…

  1. Rolondia Duran says:

    I like the artwork “Human Faces.” Who is the artist?

  2. Hello Rolondia, thank you for your comment. I am not precisely sure who the artists is. I actually tried to do a little bit of a search for you but could not find the artist… Apologies there. I also like the artistry here. Please feel free to comment freely whenever you like. Thank you again. 🙂 SS.

  3. The slightest of shift inwardly creates the greatest of changes outwardly…

    So true. In so many different ways I will have to share my thoughts with you on this further next time I see you at ROM

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