Thursday 06 September 2012 – Courage

What is fear? Fear is the absence of a peaceful quietness that dwells deep within. Courage is moving beyond the realms of immense discomfort by recognising that fear is an illusion caught in the trap of misperception. Once we embrace this realisation, courage flows effortlessly; transforming the way we perceive, believe and take action… SS.

Sailing ship -

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2 Responses to Thursday 06 September 2012 – Courage

  1. Laila says:

    Is the fear an illusion or is it a reality that courage can manipulate?

  2. From certain perspectives everything perceived is an illusion. From other perspectives your perception is your reality. It depends on your vantage point. Perhaps in this instance one of two paths can be chosen. Let us assume you perceive the fear to be ‘real’, then perhaps believing in courage, what it represents and the course of treading a courageous path can alleviate your fear… then great… If you believe life and life’s play is simply an illusion, then you would hope you have the ability to perceive the fear away. Once the fear is removed we become clearer. With clarity our cognitive, emotional, spiritual, social (etc) functioning is enhanced. When we are in an enhanced state of being we are open to greater opportunities, possibilities and greater depths of wisdom, knowing and being… Unless of course its all an illusion… 😉


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