Wednesday 05 September 2012 – Plain & Simple…


By un-f**k I don’t mean fix, what we have created for ourselves is beyond fixing, you do not fix a system that is inherently and intrinsically flawed, you move past this and move beyond this. Change is required, radical, impact-full and real change… SS.

We need to re-empower the general population, we need to cease corruption, we need to realise the damage we are doing to who we are and who we have the potential to be. We need to relinquish the stronghold corrupt and privatised corporations have upon government and the masses and we need to wake up to this lunacy we call life. Life is not 1% of the population retaining all of the monetary wealth (unequal wealth distribution) and ravaging the ecological systems that connect and support us in the process. Life is not about billions in poverty. Life is not about big-business or pharmaceutical company’s actually having the cure to countless of (self created) diseases then withholding these cures in order to maximise monetary profits. Life is not about selfishness (part of which is a natural by-product of the Capitalist system that runs our lives now). Life is about selflessness and cooperation. We are products of our culture, we have the ability to change… Nature works effortlessly in harmony to build, construct, create, adapt and survive, it works in collaboration to achieve its objective… This objective goes beyond life itself but finds itself embedded in “aliveness”. The ability to reach inner homeostasis and find true meaning in existence and being, not repetitive meaningless cultural activity.

For many this repetitive existence takes form as follows: waking up, neglecting one’s health (and that of their children), going to a workplace achieving nothing constructive and meaningful (low job satisfaction) because the nature of work is ultimately meaningless. For the most this job only exists in order to turn the cogs of the arbitrary monetary system. Further more you absolutely hate your work. To finish you drive home (1.5hrs in traffic whilst simultaneously polluting the atmosphere because the multi-billion dollar automotive industry has geared our lifestyles around this inefficient method of transportation), why? All in the name of the all mighty dollar, why else? You then feed yourself and your children processed, quick, nutrient free, packaged and/or frozen ‘food’. And then wake up and repeat… And we look forward to those 2-4 weeks a year where we can holiday. So we slave and suffer, pollute and dumb ourselves for two weeks ‘relaxation’ per year… Really???!!! We most definitely need to un-f**k ourselves… I could continue, but no doubt we all have ‘super important’ jobs to attend to and continuing in reading this truth may defer us from making large corporations a lot of money, which they may then use to continue to f**k society…Why? Because that is the way in which the system perpetuates its existence. I realise this is not the case for everybody, and for those that this does not resonate entire truth with I commend you. Unfortunately though for the most of society this is sadly the case. And it’s the masses that contribute greatly to the perpetuation of our cultural norms.

We are destroying our humanity at the expense of conserving an ideological framework that has far exceeded its use by date. We are destroying our humanity and all that is goodness in our lives because there are certain individuals and groups who refuse to relinquish their power and stronghold on false beliefs and misplaced values. We are simply on a path to towards the destruction of our humanity. Again this is not a representation of ALL of society, but it reflects society largely enough that a negative impact can be felt through out the world… SS.

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