Monday 03 September 2012 – Natural remedies are SUPREME!

The truth big pharmaceuticals do not want you to know. That simple truth is that natural ingredients (herbs, plants, roots, vegetables, etc) either on their own or in combination, found abundantly amongst fertile soil has the ability to alleviate and cure many ailments, illnesses and diseases. What is in current occurrence is the rule and domination of “BIG PHARMA” via flooding the market with toxic products, creating fear amongst the public, lobbying governments (which ultimately affects policy and changes cultural norms, including the down playing of natural medicine), propaganda methods and influencing and manipulating general practitioners with profit motives and incentives so that they may push pharmaceuticals. This is intrinsically wrong and again is driven by the parameters of the overarching system that drives big business and favours the industrial profit motive. So what to do?

Simple! Look to natural medicine for assistance, do not be stricken by fear. One of these campaigns is the flu vaccination campaign. For some individuals at certain stages of their lives this MAY be necessary for the vast majority of us it is not required if we simply focus on what the nourishes the body and that is non-toxic food such as raw, unsprayed, untreated vegetables, whole foods, organic produce, clean chemical free water and air and life sustaining natural herbs and remedies… When we look after our bodies and minds, our body’s looks after us by working in integrity and maintaining a fortified immune system. The flu vaccination campaign is full of fear driving tactics and only lines the pockets of pharmaceutical company’s. They attempt to pass it off as preventative health but it resembles nothing of the sort for it is full of toxic substances such as mercury, aspartame and many more. 

Pharmaceutical company’s are motivated by one factor: PROFIT MAXIMISATION! They are threatened by a natural way of life and something that has been existence for thousands of years. Why reinvent the wheel? SS.

Garlic Proven 100 Times More Effective Than Antibiotics, Working In A Fraction of The Time

Natural healing herbs

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