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Friday 24 August 2012 – ‘I Can Do It’ Hay House Conference: Sydney

This weekend The Labyrinth of Life will be featured at the ‘I Can Do It’ Hay House Conference in Sydney. This is an exciting and tremendous opportunity to connect with other authors, publishers, key note speakers and prominent individuals within … Continue reading

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Wednesday 22 August 2012 – Business as usual… NO MORE!

There has been despair, loss and extreme economic turmoil the past 3 years (in fact and realistically if we can observe the entire economic system as a whole that affects all, the amount of inequity that is intrinsically embedded within … Continue reading

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Monday 20 August 2012 – Yoga, nutrition & David Wolfe

David Wolfe is a┬ásubstance matter expert in the field of natural food nutrition and human wellbeing. this article provides insight in to some of his knowledge. Enjoy. SS. ‘Best Ever’ Yoga tips from David Wolfe

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Saturday 18 August 2012 – OUR energy crisis

The blending of the relational dependancy of poor, disadvantaged people with those who abide by higher living standards is near. This article presents case points for equity, energy access to disadvantaged groups and an overall advocation for value change. There … Continue reading

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Thursday 16 August 2012 – Is Africa really dry???

Fossil water is slowly being sapped form our Earth, once this water has disappeared it will not replenish for perhaps thousands upon thousands of years. Africa, one of the driest continents on Earth has sufficient reserves below ground. So what … Continue reading

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Tuesday 14 August 2012 – Biology of Belief

A wonderful documentary on genetics, epigenetic function, biology and the importance of the perceptive faculty in relation to how we create our reality as human beings. Bruce Lipton is an innovator ahead of his time and has been in the … Continue reading

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Sunday 12 August 2012 – Beauty and timelessness of the evolution of life

A beautiful and painful interpretation of one’s life journey. The essence of this truly promotes thinking in the present. Be here now, be present now and be aware now of who you are and cherish who you are to others. … Continue reading

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