Saturday 01 September 2012 – The truth behind Sodium Fluoride

As a people we must be made aware of what is ‘sold’ to us and provided to us by large corporations who deal in food production and distribution. It is imperative we are educated on the ingredients that goes in to these products and what health effect these ingredients have on our wellbeing. We must remain firm in our value change being a priority. If we alter our value systems to be of an inclusive and equitable nature we limit the negative side effects of many cultural practices that exist today and which penetrate our way of living. This is not a singular event that will occur ‘overnight’ but rather a continued persistency on the behalf of the masses who push relentlessly for change. Belief in fairness and our own basic rights to a healthy survival are the foundations for movement towards this mass social change. SS.

Prove To Anyone That Fluoride Is BAD For You…. And Dumbing Society Down!

Cartoon fluoride

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