Thursday 30 August 2012 – Balance: We don’t have it…

There is great merit to this article. The unfortunate aspect of some of the statements of this article that they are absolutely correct. BUT, there is a caveat attached to this. They are correct under the assumption and the simultaneous workings of the current socioeconomic paradigm by which our culture abides by.

“…by what right does the government tell me that I can’t? Who has the right to presume to understand my needs better than I do myself?”

The above statement (embedded at the beginning of the article) maintains a lot of truth. Over the years a large gap has been created between governing bodies, authorities or figures of influence,”greater” knowledge” and the community . Why? Because what has taken over is the profit motive behind action of the vast majority of these institutions, and those who do not abide by the ‘rules of the game’ (or the system of social operation) are not as powerful or influential.

In a world without the motives, intentions and ultimate goals of profit maximisation placing the trust of your life (in all areas) in another’s hands would be acceptable and feel safe. This is not to say that one should self educate, it just means that collectively we are working together to heal ourselves. Why? Because we would all work collaboratively, there would be no covert or overt agenda, there wouldn’t exist an underlying need to require a ‘return on investment’ (whether that investment be in the form of time or money). What I am referring to is something that would include the absolute greatest good for all with little or no negative impact on our ecological foundations of existence. In essence what I am referring to is the legitimacy of a Resource Based Economy (RBE). It would be more than ok to trust technology and other people, because their interests is to serve themselves whilst simultaneously benefiting all of humanity and all ecological systems. Why? Because inherently in built in this system is not individualistic ideals and practices but rather collective collaboration is required in order for all to flourish, develop and be at one’s full potential. On a side note, this is not a utopian state of being, but rather a very plausible reality. As the article exemplifies our current way of operation is miserable and is failing exceptionally.

Guilds, governing organisations/bodies and regulatory institutions have their role (within this world) but unfortunately are distorted within the parameters of the current system and more often than not are directed not by the best interests of the individual or the one in need but by other factors such as prestige, self righteous public recognition or monetary profits. SS.

As human persons we have infinite potential to achieve. At the moment we are constrained by our social parameters. This can EASILY be altered. We simply need to relinquish our stronghold on the fear that conditionally comes with initial change… SS.

Time to End the Tyranny of Licenses to Practice Medicine

Balance and economic frameworks

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