Sunday 26 August 2012 – For when you feel there is nothing left to give or receive…

Let’s all perceive, think and feel beyond what the reality of our immediate environment provides us with. Lets expand our conscious reality through openness of being towards what our immediate senses lack to understand... SS.

In the busyness of our lives we often underestimate the importance of grounding ourselves, grounding our life force or essence (what allows us to express who we are through what we experience and who we have the potential to be and become). This is crucial in order to survive in this chaotic world and more importantly if we do not silence ourselves within and have the ability to feel who we are within ourselves we lose the tremendous power of compassion and giving. By remaining silent and removing the feeling of basically ‘feeling overwhelmed’ we have the potential to express ourselves in its most truest form. For change or meaningful and positive impact to be had, as human individuals (ideally) we must be functioning at our absolute best. There are various avenues to take in order to achieve this. The article below is a beautiful exploration of self through the healing nature of sound immediately associated with peacefulness. This exemplifies both the giving and receiving aspect of sound / love. I would also like you to reflect on the connected nature of sound. Reflect for one moment… The harmonious state of all living beings and how this connects deeply with sound. Observe the all mighty whale, alongside other land and air dwelling creatures, they connect through sound, harmonious and tranquil, often rhythmic sound. The harp (a beautiful and timeless instrument), connects deeply to the timelessness of human expression and being. Amalgamate the two and you achieve a blissful state of being where anything and everything exists in infinite possibility… SS.

Harp therapy: Don’t stop playing


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