Friday 24 August 2012 – At what cost???

How can we have such little foresight as species that we lack the intelligence to understand the importance and interconnected nature of our life sustaining ecosystems. In the pursuit of monetary wealth, an outdated cultural framework and profits we destroy anything and everything that stands in the way of attaining this falsely prompted ideal.

This short TEDTalk provides a compelling observation (one amongst so many) depicting the beauty and the integral importance of our natural world and the cultural (human) practices that destroy our very life force! We MUST change our collective behaviours, we MUST utilise alternatives and make serious and necessary changes and cease practices such as oil production, current distribution methodologies, energy, contemporary travel methods, overall consumption and the general way in which we live our lives… NOW, not tomorrow, mass change on a mass scale is required. We must shift our values to that of an inclusive and open nature before its too late, and sooner rather than later it will be far too late… SS.

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