Wednesday 22 August 2012 – Business as usual… NO MORE!

There has been despair, loss and extreme economic turmoil the past 3 years (in fact and realistically if we can observe the entire economic system as a whole that affects all, the amount of inequity that is intrinsically embedded within our economic system is quite high and has been present from its mainstream use). There is now a tremendous opportunity to change. As a society we have the potential to change our behaviours and value systems. What prevents this ideological and actual shift in business and cultural practices is simply fear… The fear to detach from ‘old’ habits is creating a stronghold on systems that are inequitable, non-practical and harmful to our entire existence as a connected whole. The ability to shift depends heavily on a number of key factors…

1. A top-down approach is crucial!
2. Grass roots action is necessary!
3. Fearlessness amongst sincere action is required!
4. Connectedness in vision and collaborative work will gel all of the above


Why economic recovery is the worst thing that could happen right now

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