Friday 10 August 2012 – The youth of today…

I have noticed that as time passes and as we move through various epochs of our cultural age it has become apparent that there is an increase in our ability to live, know, be and learn. This increase and change presents itself in many forms, but the form of concentration today would like to extend itself to the youth of the age.

There are always multiple reality’s of what appears to be one reality. Please let there be of note that in relation to the circumstance of youth what I am about to focus on also has a distinctive parallel, but I feel it is integral that a focus is placed on the ‘positive’ developmental aspects, behaviours and adaptations that have evolved over time pertaining to youth.

It is apparent by simple observation alone that the youth of today has become far more adaptive. Noticeable trends and changes include:

– Situationally more intelligent
– More internal and external awareness
– Greater levels of intuitive ability

– Higher level of vocabulary
– More articulate
– More compassionate (in its truest meaning) 
– Great levels of empathy
– A greater sense of connectedness to Earth and nature, or rather a re-aquaintance
– A greater sense of respect for one’s surroundings, including humans, animals and environment – largely due to a raise in overall consciousness  
– Higher levels of emotional intelligence and integrity
– A greater sense of clarity – although we live in a time of sensory overload, once youth move beyond this there appears an innate ability to have enough trust in oneself to feel confident to acknowledge that inwardly directed clarity is close
– Higher confidence & greater aspirations
– And of course more…

So, we arrive at a place where we have transitioned from a preoccupation with our culturally constructed clutter and have now (over-archingly) arrived at a place that as a society we have become far more aware of our surroundings. Following this space of inquisition which has lead to change we have realised that something is intrinsically wrong with our attitudes and behaviours. The youth of today is leading this somewhat quasi and silent revolution by exhibiting their bravery and leading the way towards individual and social change! But how, why the change and where does this change stem from? If we may know the source we may be able to improve upon this revolution and create greater social change which is more inclusive and open to others.

If we familiarise ourselves with the works of Dr Robert Sapolsky, Dr Gabor Mate and Professor Richard Wilkinson we find that much of our behaviour, motivation, thought processes, learning, social conditions and ultimately our actions are driven and influenced deeply by our environment and own self creative habits, engagements and practices. If this is the case we may be able to elaborate on the phenomena of our thriving youth and relate it directly to one’s environment. Let us move to an adjacent topic which speaks of the way we in which humans interpret the world and then act through these interpretations. This will assist us in understanding not only the situation exemplifying the youth of today but may also assist in understanding our global circumstances as a whole.

To simplify this meaning we may look at the entire learning + behavioural + socially constructed phenomena in the following way. Genetics represent the loading of the gun and environmental conditions represent the trigger being pulled. This is a simplistic way to understand the relationship between nature/nurture but the reality is that both elements exist and both exist with purpose and influence; therefore both elements have the ability to determine outcome in some capacity. This capacity will be determined by a myriad of factors but ultimately our environment, perceptions, exposure to experience and interpretation of these experiences have an overriding power to direct action and thought. This is largely due to an ever-changing reality that is the human self in relation to the inner and outer world.

The reality we view today or the factual observations which show the youth of today becoming in and of themselves is largely due to their environment (nurture). If this is the case there must be recognition not only for the great things that youth are excelling at (such as: widespread activism, a fearlessness in posture to stand strongly for social justice and cultural inequality, the creation of not for profit organisations, the invention of life saving and applicable technologies and the basic increase in clear communication), but there must also be recognition for the environment where much of this inspiration is stemming from. Adults who have developed themselves through much hardship over the last 20, 30, 40, 50 and so on years have evolved both inwardly and outwardly to reach a place where they may influence positively their environment. And their environment consists of the youth of today. Collaboratively we are finding our place within not only humanity but this pale blue dot we call Earth.

What a wonderful place to reach where unconsciously we are synchronising energies. There is no great disparity between age. Wisdom is not only defined by age but by timelessness, by experience and careful interpretation of these experiences. Our unity and recognition of each other is a large part of what makes us human and what has the infinite potential to allow us to move towards a wonderful balance between recognition of self and deep appreciation of the natural world. SS.

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One Response to Friday 10 August 2012 – The youth of today…

  1. Nic says:

    Hey Stef, I really liked this post and very much agree with many of the points being made. However, upon reflection, I began thinking about youth, their health and their ‘living.’ I feel as though with these positive increases comes potentially negative increases in other areas. I speak about rising obesity rates and society as a whole becoming more insular through technological means. In one way, increased technology and knowledge comes an increase for amazing things. If you asked youth if they wanted to be healthy and truly live life, all would agree. And yet at the present time it feels as though society promotes the idea of virtual living – the idea vicariously living through others (celebrities, television shows) or sole focused knowledge accumulation (browsing the internet) can truly be described as adequate living. In this sense, the scales are becoming too unbalanced. Sure knowledge accumulation through faster, more accessible technological methods is fantastic, but the mirage of virtual life (television and computer) is increasingly replacing real living (going out, communicating and experiencing the world). Cheers and all the best, Nic.

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