Tuesday 31 July 2012 – Our interconnected planet

It doesn’t surprise me that a business as usual approach is not only still considered by global leaders but it actually holds weight when deciding on which path to take regarding our cultural practices. These cultural practices include production and distribution of products, the incessant need to raise a nation’s GDP which is intrinsically linked to high levels of consumerism, which ultimately is the priority of most nations, the necessity to constantly increase monetary profit an exponential growth, which is ultimately the priority of most corporations, energy production and our extreme dependence on fossil fuels. Physical, tangible observations and results do not lie, as human persons we need to switch our mentality towards one that is inclusive and foresees our actions now. It is imperative that we shift our priorities and move towards a society that values ecology, that values life and that values our integrity. Misplaced cultural values which have compounded and conditioned our societal practices over many years must change. Our lifestyles do not correlate nor sync with what enables our survival: our natural environment. As a by product of our ways the very connected element that promotes and sustains our lives is being severely damaged beyond timely repair. By timely repair I refer to the way in which the Earth references time and the way in which we abide by dualistic notions of time. The Earth works in hundreds of thousands of years to elicit change or create homeostasis. Our lifespans are far shorter, at best lets work around the centennial mark. With this in mind, there is a tremendous disconnect with the way we think and the way we naturally behave as a result of our attitudinal beliefs based on our life spans compared to the way the Earth heals itself. It is imperative we begin to understand that having the ‘latest and greatest’ at the expense of so much is not a priority… These culturally constructed process are cyclical and extend themselves far beyond production and consumption. These are simplistic explanation, which at best provide a platform for furthering our understanding of compounded and collective beliefs that require evaluation and attention. SS.

Our interconnected planet

beautiful mountain view with hot air balloons

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