Sunday 29 July 2012 – A must read!

Deception is everywhere. If we step back briefly and ask ourselves why mass deception exist within our society the answer presents itself in various ways… To cut to the chase, its simple! Why are ‘consumers’ deceived? Why are we told one thing, yet the reality is another? Why is it that we all deserve to know the truth and eat ‘real’ food, yet this does not occur? The answer imbeds itself firmly in the social structures and economic systems that surround us. For those in the business of creating or selling products to ‘consumers’, they are bound by certain trading principles and rules (usually governed by market driven dynamics and socioeconomic structured parameters) which must be applied in order for their businesses to endure and remain successful in this self created cultural construct. Such basic rules include:

– The necessity to produce a product at its cheapest, do this in any way possible (including at the expense of others – usually minority groups from disadvantaged communities and countries and also at the expense of ecological integrity), and then sell the product at its highest possible price – best return on investment.

– Imbed within the product planned obsolesce to insure longevity of the product and ultimately the organisation or business practice and hence the continuation of ongoing business and continual sales.

– Competition drives this mechanism and ensures that the most ‘competitive’ product is produced at any expense. Variety often dictates choices and eludes to the perception of the ‘consumer’ having free will. What competition does is not create the best possible product for the end user with the least amount of negative environmental impact but rather it drives profit orientation. Therefore we come back full circle to poorly produced cost effective product which ultimately benefits the longevity of a system which predicates itself on an infinite model of growth ultimately derived from a finite platform.

Perhaps it appears that in relation to the article we have moved slightly off track, well we have not. When we observe these occurrences in relation to each other from a standpoint of ecological connectedness we can see that the use of inferior nutritional (or rather un-nutritional) products such as mass produced GMO ingredients increases profitability of the company (ultimate goal of a market driven – Capitalist system) at the expense of the environment (our platform for survival) and at the expense of human health and well being.

Awareness is key and is the first step towards change. It all begins with you… SS.

‘Natural’ breakfast cereals loaded with pesticides and GMOs – explosive new scorecard from Cornucopia reveals all

fight for freedom

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