Friday 27 July 2012 – Balance

Firstly, I commend all who create serious and substantial change within their lives in order to influence their health and well being in a positive way. Many of us do not know where to begin, but were initially receptive to new information and perceptive enough to realise that something within the greater scheme of events is simply not right and counterintuitive to our overall health. What is counterintuitive is the way in which mainstream food creation, production, preparation and distribution. It is not healthy, it is not wholesome and not only does it have very little nutritional value, it is riddled with poisons and toxins.

Although you may feel you are not on the ‘right’ path when it comes to looking after your nutrition and well being. Remain upon this path, for it will eventually fill your mind with wisdom and your body will thank you for it. We must look within ourselves and be holistically healthy. Mind and body and essence. Once we are able to maintain the integrity of our health we can then affect the masses in a positive way. Remember though, there are certain nutrients that are a staple to improving overall health but holistic health encompasses more than just physical health, it relates to a sound and balanced emotional state, a clarity of mind and an understanding that experimenting with  various combinations of healthy foods requires time and you may then recognise what works best for you. SS.

Why eating organic will ever make you healthy

Indigenous fishermen - South Sea

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