Monday 23 July 2012 – Intuition

What is intuition? Is intuition perhaps another word for faith? What does intuition symbolise within the context of your life? And what if you took more advantage of ‘your’ intuition? How would this affect the life you live? The gift of intuition rests itself across various planes: The instinctual plane, the experiential plane, the primal plane, the physiological plane, the collective unconscious plane, the unified plane of consciousness (ethereally orientated) and the all knowing universal plane (linked to the unified plane of consciousness – one in the same really). What if you could understand all of these planes? Not only from an intellectual, emotional or psychological level but from a level where you cannot intellectualise and verbalise the confidence you would have in your decision making? To tap deep in to your intuition you must first believe in yourself and ignore reason and logic. This will interfere with your inner truth. Perceived logic and reason will draw on your memory, it will create reference points between past & present experiences, between what you think you know and what knowledge is culturally available to you. It will involve your ego, it will dictate a choice based on apparent logic and you will lose the connection to self? The gift of intuition requires you to be present, to be here, to be now, without hesitation. Using a word that is culturally loaded, it requires you to have faith without deep critical analysis, there is no time of that and nor should there be. Connect with self and you connect with truth… SS.


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3 Responses to Monday 23 July 2012 – Intuition

  1. Andrea says:

    I sometimes think of intuition as something created and designed to keep me safe. If I listen to my intuition when making decisions it is always right. Needless to say that sometimes I ignore it, but when I do this I make bad decisions.

  2. Trusting and relying on only the mind will always allow us to fall short to our full potential. Our intuitions know so much more than what we can be aware of through mere facts and through critical thinking. In fact, I’ve realized that my intuition knows more about world history then my conscious mind does! And it makes sense — how else did people like Einstein create such genius theories?
    This is certainly not to say that by following your intuition it makes life “easier”, because it still leads us to challenges but we are at least going with our own natural flow and cause less inner resistance for ourselves.

    Thank you for posting! It was a good read. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your comments and personal insight. Thank you for reading The Labyrinth and providing your perspective. Moving past our current collective consciousness is a must if we as a humanity are to expand our presence and being. It is through such avenues as open inquiry, an expansive mind and sincere dialogue that we can reach this space…

    Thank you again.


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