Thursday 19 July 2012 – Honest organics or deception?

If we, the people continue to allow oligopoly and monopoly of our life support systems by greedy, monetary driven corporations we essentially are giving up our right to life. It is understandable the way the current system operates, the greatest deficit of this current system is its underlying infinite attitude, belief structure and prioritisation of monetary profits ‘at any costs’. This is inherently very dangerous. This must change otherwise the abstract ‘laws’ of this system will destroy the entire fabric of society from the inside out. This is not a dramatic conceptual possibility, this is currently occurring. One only needs to step back, become as objective as possible, observe current and past sociocultural, economical and geopolitical events and simply understand the patterns of occurrences. I urge of all us to become aware. Awareness is the first step to change and empowerment. SS

Organic food industry bought up by corporations like Coca-cola

corporation organics chart

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