Thursday 05 July 2012 – Feeding the body right

Immersing oneself in strenuous and high intensity physical activity is not always an easy choice. There is much discipline, pain and arduous effort that is often associated with this path.

Side note: A thought and a little reflection, because some times we need to put our own lives in to a greater context. What this process of self reflection does is actually provide us with a sense of humbleness and a platform of greater understanding and appreciation of how life is so connected. That the life lead in the context of a Western cultural model is a life currently lead with abundance and access to resources that promote growth and allow the individual to flourish. For this we should be grateful…

For those of us who are live in a society where we are blessed enough to have the ability to partake in recreational activity and we have access to clean water and high quality nutrition it is important to:

1. Take advantage of this is a way that shows appreciation.
2. Not take advantage of this where we consume in excess.
3. Educate ourselves on looking after our bodies.

Below is an article that is quite specific to nutritional factors involved for muscular recovery. Enjoy. SS

This Near Ideal “Fitness Food” Feeds Muscles in Just 10-15 minutes

morning run

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