Tuesday 03 July 2012 – The slow death of bees

We have discussed in length the integral part bees play in our world. We must now continue to respect the interconnectivity of life and how this functions. We must realise that if we (as humans) are to play the role that nature would normally play we must be ‘getting right’! What does this mean? It means we must replicate these natural ecological functions as closely as possible for the result to be as accurate as possible and the benefits be long lasting and real. The alternative is discard the obsession with money and profit motive and nurture these natural ecological processes so that all living beings gain from this.

Below is a picture, what do you think the effects of this advertising is on the natural processes that billions of bees partake in? This human created process is similar to feeding cattle grains. This is not their natural food source. What append to these beasts when they eat something that is not natural to their digestive system? What happens when you place diesel fuel in an automobile that takes standard unleaded fuel? Bee keepers are feeding bees a nutritional source that has little nutrition and is not fit for bees. But why? Profit margins… Simple as that. SS.

Colony Collapse Disorder in bees triggered not just by pesticides, but also by GMO high-fructose corn syrup

high fructose corn syrup and bees

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