Thursday 21 June 2012 – A wise person never speaks before immersing in a long and thoughtful moment…

There is great value in ancient culture, there is great value in truly understanding what works and what has relative reference to the ‘real’ world. The real world relative reference is represented by this simple personal definition. “When our conscious and unconscious actions influence the natural world which supports existence for all living creatures in a way that hinders and blocks prosperity of being and expansive/meaningful growth, then our actions are misguided, poorly executed and blatantly and inherently destructive and wrong”. SS.

Most native tribes who are connected to land and Earth understand that the integrity of the Earth is paramount to the success of all human endeavour. In this day and age, in this culture, human endeavour, status and success is measured by technological advancements , physical prestige and prowess, cultural dominance, monetary wealth and materialistic possession and resource exploitation. This is all at the expense of the natural world that feeds us and supports us. This is inherently destructive behaviour driven by a cultural construct that has evolved and compounded. These convoluted behaviours and value systems are twisted and counterintuitive to our physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. Our sociocultural practices must change to be inclusive of all living beings and maintain longevity in action. SS

Lakota Wisdom: Why Native American truths can heal the world

Homeland security

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