Friday 15 June 2012 – Something for the parents and children: PART III

It is at times difficult to make choices for ourselves and our little loved ones that truly are of benefit and growth promoting for our minds and bodies. The media machine and advertising that bombards all of us virtually 24hrs per day is difficult to escape. This profit driven mechanism has one goal and that is to generate profit, sales and consumption. This means that the health and wellbeing of the “consumer” either falls by the way side or is intensely minimised in order to reach these goals. The consumer then is left to their own demise. Proper and adequate education disappears and we need to prioritise what works. Well how do we identify with what works? Easy, look to nature! The natural world tells us how it must be, simply observe and flow. Much of our social practices go against the grain of the natural functioning’s of the world, its time to teach ourselves and our young what is right… SS.

Tips for getting kids to eat clean

child and food

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2 Responses to Friday 15 June 2012 – Something for the parents and children: PART III

  1. Schalk says:

    It is really sad that the environment we live in today encourages self-destructive consumption habits so strongly. Healthy living, as simple and easy as it might be, is simply not natural in this environment. It must be hard for kids to grow up in a world where doing the “natural” thing is bad for their own health and bad for the planet.

  2. josephtotten says:

    I always find it amazing to look at what other people see as good and healthy when it comes to food. Frozen pizza, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, chips.. And then served with a couple of lettuce leaves 🙂 all with the belief that what Thea are eating is ok… Don’t get me wrong. I used to eat like crap too.. But I was brought up on some pretty decent food that was mostly home cooked. I knew what I was eating was crap… But for what ever reason I still ate it.

    You are right when you talk about proper education disappearing. There is a lot of pseudo science out there and we can only take in so much. That leaves a big gap in our knowledge that each individual needs to fill.

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