Monday 11 June 2012 – Something for the parents and children: PART 1

It is integral that when we make the conscious decision as adults and loving individuals to have children that we have a preconception of what is the best path to take in educating and guiding these newly formed beautiful beings. The approach is deep, broad and multifaceted… An important life skill for our children to learn is connecting with people and importantly connecting with the natural world. This can be so beneficial and assist in developing life skills that will shape their existence and their influence upon this world. SS.

Teaching children gardening: A natural head start in life

children playing in the garden

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One Response to Monday 11 June 2012 – Something for the parents and children: PART 1

  1. josephtotten says:

    I hated gardening as a kid… it was always boring work.. having said that, i have an appreciation for it now. I know what it takes to grow fresh food and have grand plans for our property when we get it (We are looking at buying a few acres so the wife can have keep her horse). I’d love to install a few garden beds with rows of fresh veg 🙂

    anyway.. apart from the educational aspect of it, the connection to nature is important. I would encourage you to read “Last child in the woods:Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder ” by Richard Louv…. a real eye opener and it strengthens the case for getting kids out and about in nature.


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