Thursday 07 June 2012 – Shero…

The time for masculine dominance to cease its reign upon social norms, cultural constructs has come. No longer can the hero maintain its facade in a world that is clearly lacking balance. As society crumbles and our systems of governance and cultural life indicate weakness who or what may have the ability to restore balance?

Much of how we learn and what we learn is absorbed through story, we look up to those who appear to have an uncanny ability to be amazing, or super, like somewhat of a super human person. These characters (fictional or ‘real’) have usually come in the form of male representation. Perhaps one of the paths to balance is to restore the masculine and feminine energies by way of admiration for a new ‘superhero’, in the form of a shero?

The Earth requires help, our collective behaviours require adjustment. It is perhaps time to evolve and look beyond the masculine hero for help. Those in power now (the majority are and have been masculine energy in a male form) are not serving a greater good. Perhaps

Heroin with a thousand faces: The rise of the female saviour

powerful woman

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2 Responses to Thursday 07 June 2012 – Shero…

  1. josephtotten says:

    Another great article Stef. Certainly the idea of being powerful is important to both men and women. You can see that in the heros that are typically presented, but at the same time, I have observed male heros being powerful men in the masculine sense and female heros as powerful women in the female sense. Almost all female heros are sexy and feminine (think Lara croft) but as the article suggests it is seems to pander to the male sexualisation of a female hero. I’m not sure how true this is. Certainly there is an element of truth… Guys like sexy females. But at the same time when you look into gender issues particularly of the career women there is a desire to be a bit of everything, successful working woman, great mum, perfect wife and sexy lover. If normal women feel that way than maybe having sexy super heroins isn’t a stretch of the imagination.

    I think the other thing to remember about The idea of a male perspective being projected onto a female hero character (ie strong sexy witty powerful and “pneumatic boobs”) is the fact that most guys I know, me included, wouldn’t know how to handle a Lara croft type character if we met one. String women, in real life typically intimidate men… Even More so than strong men. I guess we have this outdated notion of females being submissive and needing to be rescued… Ha, what a load of bollocks.

    I like how the article harks back to female fairy tale characters and the fact that they need to use their cunning to win the day. The same can be seen in business today. In general women are better communicators and more able to listen to people with a view to reaching common ground. Let’s look at a couple I female leaders.

    Love her or hate her Julia gilliard as prime minister has been able to push through a large number of changes in her time as prime minister. Her ability to negotiate and listen is fantastic. I really don’t like labour policies, but that is beside the poInt. I honestly don’t believe tony abbot would have done half as well if he were prime minister of a minority government.

    What about gale Kelly? CEO of Westpac. She has orchestrated a number of mergers and has steered westpac through a massive financial crisis. Westpac is rated in the top 15 Safest banks in the world because of it’s lack of exposure to bad debt through the gfc. Gale is strong and forceful, but also feminine in her approach

    Ithese are just two examples of strong women in the modern world that show that the female heroin does exist in real life. Sure, we may not like them or thei politics. But I’m sure the evil genius’ hated wonder women and Lara croft. It doesn’t diminish their sheroic tendencies.

    So I guess the question we should ask ourselves… Do we have any real life Sheroes that we look up to…. I know I’m thinking of a very rawsone lady that I find incredibly inspiring 🙂

  2. Thats beautiful commentary Joe, much appreciated my friend, your thoughtfulness across a broad subject matter really adds depth to the information presented here. Thank you for your deep thought and wisdom… Keep it coming. By the way, great question to sum up your comments, there are actually a few in my own personal life whom I look to for guidance and who I believe are real ‘shero’s’…



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