Monday 28 May 2012 – The persuasive power of TV

I believe many of us don’t realise nor step back and contemplate the negative effects of television. More importantly the occupying, mindless clutter that consumes television, which then consumes us. We feed this more than often meaningless nonsense to our children, worst even; to ourselves! Television is one of society’s greatest distractions from reality. Television distracts us from the issues that require our immediate attention. This vicious cycle of dependance has bought us to a point where the addictive nature of television has disempowered us with an ‘ignorance is bliss’ attitude which serves no purpose in this world. We become dumbed down and lose the ability to critically analyse, to think openly, to discuss, to connect with others and socialise, to connect with nature, to differentiate reality from a ‘make believe’ world and to have time educating ourselves on important matters, such as: the natural cycle of water, the intricacies of the Earth and the importance of the environment, how to connect with people and treat people ‘properly’ and much more…

“Can you believe it, Ridge (from Bold & the Beautiful – Soap opera TV) is going to marry Taylor again, for the 8th time! OMG!”

“But isn’t Ridge married to his father’s ex wife? Brooke?”

“That was years ago, Ridge’s father and Brooke have a child together, but that is all. Whats important is that the million dollar empire will be back in Taylor’s hands.”

WTF! I did some research, but I will stop there, I think you get the point… 🙂

Perhaps the most important question to be asked is why do the people, corporations and pre-established cultural practices feel the need to distract themselves with what is ultimately a meaningless pastime? One may say: “After a long day at work, I don’t want to think, I just want to unwind and relax.” Really? Interesting, a culture that creates a living environment where no time or energy is left to the individual to contemplate deeper truths, wisdoms and strengthen social and familial bonds is a culture that perhaps has its values misplaced… Lets look at the systemic structures in place prior to observing  individual behaviours, for they are a byproduct of instilled culture.

I am not suggesting a total boycott of television. At some level it serves a purpose and plays an important role in our collective psychic and social realities. And like any cultural construct, its time will pass. What I am suggesting is an awareness, an awareness towards the occurrences and happenings in our lives. A questioning that will ultimately lead to the fountain of truth. SS.

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2 Responses to Monday 28 May 2012 – The persuasive power of TV

  1. grover says:


    ‘reality tv’ is the harbinger of lost productivity. do you know there are ‘reality’ shows about ‘reality shows’? i am campaigning against tv as the central focus point of a room or even a house. i despise the possibility of losing productive time to watching the destructive behavior of others.

    entertainment is necessary, the concept of tv in the home needs to be disrupted.

    also, way to call out bold & beautiful!

    lol (lots of love) pg

  2. Well said P! And great to hear from you my friend.. I hope all is well? Thankyou for posting and following the website, spread the word, spread the love… 🙂


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