Thursday 24 May 2012 – Being alone is not loneliness

A very simple article reiterating the concept of what I consider oneness and spiritual singularity. Where ultimately there are no polarities, and the space that exists now is all that has relevance. A truly difficult concept for most of us to grasp, for the inception of intellect more than often prevails, takes over and blocks the reality of presentness. Duality is a concept limited to the ideals and functioning of this physical world. As we must realise that there is no real ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and there simply just is here and now, we must also understand that where we are, the ideas we maintain, the relationships we are engaged in, our thoughts, our emotional state, how we occupy our time; it all is where it needs to be. The key is to bring our awareness to where we are. If we can do this with peace and from quietness we can achieve knowing that only stems from a deeper understanding of reality and truth.

When speaking of one’s personal journey, the overwhelming feeling of loneliness and aloneness takes over. The confusion between the two is common but please note there is great disparity between both states of being. We must endeavour along this path for this path of what often is perceived as solitude has the potential to be the most enlightening ¬†experience of our lives. But why would this be so? Our culture is so accustomed to being so busy (and mainly with others) that we miss the importance and value of spending time with our own energy. This time spent with our selves, embarking on our own journey leads us to the infinite possibility of personal growth and greater awareness. This is not a time to fear loneliness, but rather a time to embrace the blessing of being alone and the opportunity to pass this revelation and fearlessness on to others. SS.

Are you alone? Or strategically placed?

Healing lotus flower


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