Friday 18 May 2012 – The sacred feminine

The article below is a call to re-recognise the importance of the feminine. It is a call to justice and it is a call to reclamation of the natural environment. The feminine is culturally, spiritually and symbolically linked to the environment and its health and integrity and as an integrated and connected living organism. I would like to expand upon this article and also humbly recognise the value and importance of the feminine and also go one step further. In raising the feminine energy of each person and the Earth as a whole it is crucial that we do not again bring out of balance the masculine and feminine energies that govern our existence. If we repeat the happenings of the past where masculinity and its presence has dominated for so long through continued cultural and psychological applications but simply through the form of the feminine; we once again lose balance and equilibrium within the paradigms of our existence.

The key is to create harmonious balance, to neither neglect masculine or feminine but to merge the two, bring them to unity and create a powerful respect for both energies and both ways of being. First we raise the importance and priorities of the feminine then we create balance. Without this balance we simply fall helplessly in to a cycle of receptive historical practice. This ultimately leads to a misguided effort of a power struggle that will have no positive outcome whatsoever. SS.

Reclaiming the power of the sacred feminine

sacred feminine

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