Saturday 12 May 2012 – Connective consciousness

It is imperative we begin to harness our focuses on what is truly important and what is life promoting and life giving. Beyond a physical sense of well-being it is distinctively clear we begin to clear the murkiness within the individual and collective psyche. We must integrate our emotional body with our psychological understanding of the world around us including our relationship to ourselves and the outside world. Importantly what must be achieved is a unity with all that we know. Why? Because this unity will promote an inclusiveness of understanding that will increase our scope of justice and the way in which we behave and treat each other will shift drastically.

It has been said that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same processes throughout life and expect different results. This expectation is unrealistic and misguided. Perhaps we could “be” different and our “being” would affect our outcome… SS.

What Team Are You On? How Our Unity Will Be Realized As The New Earth Unfolds

Earth as Energy

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