Tuesday 08 May 2012 – The Inclusive Democracy Movement

A similar movement to that of The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM). Their aims are very similar yet the paths to move out of the current systems sea re shackled by slightly differ. The Inclusive Democracy Movement (IDM) emphasises the need for social change and recognises the need for complete inclusion and equity amongst all living beings. TZM also follows this suit but also widens its scope to include technology and science to assist in moving away from a power centred subjective oligopoly that reigns rule currently. Both movements have something great to offer and can only lead to good. IDM offers the world an alternative, the system removes the power from a few elite and places power, governance and choice back in to the hand of the people. On the surface there would appear to be obvious and inherent problems with this philosophy embedded within the overall system. Some may argue that the masses do not have the knowledge nor the ‘expertise’ to make global decisions for the good of all. I respond as follows:

1. Current leaders are not doing a good nor fair job in battling hunger, poverty, disease, injustice and there is a tremendous disparity between living standards. This is not even mentioning the ongoing wars between nations (largely due to power struggles revolving around property ownership and monetary heir-achy).

2. Most current leaders lack the technical knowledge related to improving social conditions. Knowledge revolving around botany, ecology, the atmosphere, social sciences, psychology, sociocultural history and much more eludes our current leaders.

Something need to change and beyond this social change is required. A shift is necessary in order to create equilibrium and homeostasis on Earth. Both TZM and IDM address our current situation and offer real tangible solutions. SS.

IDM Aims 

The multidimensional crisis and inclusive democracy

Economy democracy diagram

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