Monday 30 April 2012 – The Cove

This behaviour displayed by us, as humans is outrageous, it is disgusting and a true indicator of our devolved collective nurture (conditioning and lack of conscious awareness). This should not be occurring by any standard or any means. Some may argue that the vision or opinion presented he is simply emotive and anthropomorphising the situation and the animals in order to gain support. The “heart strings” of the human can be persuasive. I would argue that the heart is an intuitive guide and leads us down a path way towards truth. I would also argue that if 9/10 individuals were to watch this documentary or many like it would also be sickened by this behaviour. It is imperative we deeply contemplate our social systems, the power of the economic model, outdated cultural practices and our neglect towards the very real concept of ecological connectedness and inclusiveness.

2 points:

1. There are different forms of activism, choose which path best suits your mould and act upon it! The key to activism is to be active and be engaged, be passionate and create awareness! Spread the wisdom that engulfs your being.

2. I have observed the political platform for change for some time now and I view it to be quite ineffective and far too slow. Time is literally of the essence when it comes to ecological and organic matters. These delicate systems and the species which inhabit them have taken hundreds of thousands of years to develop and flow. As humans, we have destroyed much of these life supporting systems in a matter of less than 200 years. If political, diplomatic, stature and legal means are proving ineffective then what to do?

Every revolution requires some form of extreme action which goes against the norm for change... SS.

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