Thursday 26 April 2012 – Power to the people!

The solutions are simple, the solutions are not difficult. The greatest barrier to health and higher living standards are society’s grasp on current cultural practices and outdated ways of living! The monetary system, our infinite model of growth, oligopoly’s, agribusiness and the banking system have past their used by date. It is time to place the power back in to the hands of all. Equity comes to mind when this discussion arises. Be brave, fear not change. If we move in a direction collaboratively we will active wealth and greatness; far greater than now… SS.

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2 Responses to Thursday 26 April 2012 – Power to the people!

  1. josephtotten says:

    I just saw this one stef… and although its a novel idea and seems to be working well at this level, ultimately it can’t work on a grander scale. part of the reason greece is in the situation it is in is because of the fact that people avoided paying taxes. without taxes to the government health care, infrastructure upkeep, education etc can not be sustained. our society relies so much on the collective economic power that is the government. (that isn’t to say that governments can’t be corrupted) but without that collective power roads can’t be built, utilities like electricity and water can’t be piped to our houses, international trade (which brings money into the country) can’t occur…

    what these people are doing is great… but they are effectively operating a tax free society which on the small scale doesn’t hurt.. but as less and less taxes are paid, the less a country is able to service its people.

  2. Hi Joe, thank you for your thoughts my friend. Here is another perspective. The ideology you present is current and is part of a system that does not necessarily represent the best interests of all parties. All parties do not just include the human population but also the animal kingdom and our connective ecosystems (platform for our survival) and lets fcae it our current systems do not favour many humans either… These issues are vast, complex and interconnected. What it is important to understand is that the monetary system is not necessarily the greatest system to govern society. Look in to a resource based economy. It removes much of the inequality present in todays modes of operation. You speak of infrastructure, water, clean living, etc and that taxes are responsible for this. In essence you are correct, within this system taxes contribute to all of that. Ask yourself though how are these efforts accomplished, by what means and are they reached in the most ecologically economic way? Within a profit based system, profit is priority. The government (or a nation) in essence operates like a company, with profit or growth in some form the priority. If they are not seen to be doing ‘better’ in means of growth, etc they are failing as leaders. An infinite growth model from a finite based platform is not possible… We forget too quickly that without each other we cannot survive… In a profit based model, it becomes an individualistic venture, associated with this are characteristics of greed, power, selfishness, sole endeavour and profit at all cost attitudes… You also mention international trade. Free trade, who does that ultimately benefit? Is it far that developing nations suffer immensely at the expense of an outdated system or ideology? You mention international trade bringing in money in to the country. Our current transport systems are terribly inefficient and our exporting/importing trading policies favour the wealthy… Is this equitable and has this modality maintain longevity? Lots going on here, this is simply the surface…

    Our current systems won’t last though, this i can promise you…


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